Why use Gutters?

Gutters come in many shapes and designs, names and materials, they are known as spouting or eavestrough in some areas. The materials used to form a gutter are mainly pvc, aluminium and steel and to a lesser extent, cast iron and copper and even wood or stone have been used in earlier times.

The main purpose of a rainwater gutter system is to remove rainwater from roofs. If there were no gutters on your house in a area with a wet climate, the rainwater from the roof could cause damp in the house and even subsidence. In warmer climates the gutter can be used to harvest the rainwater for use around the house.

The problems arrising from gutters are debris such as leaves and moss build up and require cleaning out in order for the gutter to function properly.  Heavy snowfall can also cause problems as the snow builds up causing ice dams and even just the weight of the snow can cause some gutters to collapse. 

All of these problems are eliminated by using the Magiflo rainwater gutter system.

About Magiflo

The Magiflo patented gutter system can be yours for less than the cost of cleaning your gutters twice, it could even pay for itself in less than 14 months. For more savings, you don't need a fascia board, with Magiflo gutters a small trim to cover the edge of the soffit will do. The weight of large falls of snow can cause seamless or pvc gutters to fall off houses, which may not be covered by some insurance companies. This will not happen with the Magiflo gutter as the snow just gently slides off it.

Rainwater Harvesting

The rainwater supplied by the Magiflo gutter will be up to 95% cleaner than conventional gutters. Leaves, moss and debris in existing eave gutters break down into a slimy mess, which will encourage bugs and worms to breed. If your harvested water flows through this without proper, expensive treatment it can lead to the spread of harmful bacteria.

This is greatly reduced with the Magiflo gutter as the debris just doesn't get in.

Common Problems and Safety Issues with Cleaning Eave Gutters

Debris such as leaves and moss builds up in existing eave gutters, causing blocked gutters and vegetation to grow in the gutter. This leads to water ingress to buildings causing very expensive damage to the building fabric and decorations and even subsidence.

Don't risk falling off a ladder or your roof while cleaning your gutters. Magiflo does it safely and efficiently so you don't have to, no need for gutter cleaning or expensive gutter cleaning tools.

There are health and safety implications when using a ladder to access the eave gutter to remove the debris. When using a ladder, health and safety dictates that there should be 3 points of contact on the ladder at all times, this is not possible when cleaning out eave gutters.

A person cleaning a gutter from a ladder will most likely hold a bucket in one hand while using the other hand to remove the debris from the tight gap between the tile and the edge of the gutter, while trying to keep their balance on the ladder. In Ireland alone; on average 1 person dies as a direct result of a fall while cleaning gutters every year.

There were 20 non fatal accidents from cleaning gutters reported to the HSA in last 7 years.

Power lines can get in the way of ladders causing unsafe conditions while cleaning your gutters.

If you live near trees you will need your gutters cleaning out at least once a year or maybe even more to maintain them working efficiently. This can be very costly for hard to reach gutters or special gutter cleaning tools may be required.

Cleaning GuttersThe costs to remove the debris from the eave gutters can range from €100 per year for a small terraced house up to many thousand for large buildings where specialist access equipment is required.

Solution: Install Magiflo Gutter

The Magiflo gutter is a uniquely shaped rainwater gutter that can be fitted to new or old buildings and suits most applications to form a leafguard barrier. It will remove the rainwater from the roof without the gutter getting clogged up with debris, thereby eliminating all the above problems.

Why use Magiflo?


 Comparison between Existing gutters with debris free systems and Magiflo. 


Parts required Existing debris free gutter system Cost per metre € Magiflo Cost per metre €
Gutter Yes 8.00 to 30.00
Yes (Magiflo gutter)
Leafguard Mesh, Brush, Hood Yes 4.00 to 12.00 No  
Fascia Yes 5.00 No  
Trim No   Yes 2.00
Total   18.00 to 47.00   19.00
Clean rainwater Not all   Yes  
Keeps out birds and rodents Not all   Yes  
Damaged by heavy snowfall Yes   No  
Clean inside from the ground with jetting hose No   Yes  
Maintenance frequency At least every 2 Years   Virtually never.  

The above prices are average RRP and are taken from the suppliers websites. 


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