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General fitting information:


General fitting information:

a) The overhang of the bottom edge of the roof covering must be between 30 and 60mm (ideally 45mm) when measured horizontally from the edge of the fascia (see diagram). Fit spacers or build out fascia to suit.

b) The Magiflo gutter should be fitted level, or if there is a fall, it must be towards the outlet.

c) While it is recommended that the Magiflo gutter should touch the underside of the roof covering it is not essential. A large gap (over 10mm) should be avoided by fitting our pvc trim to the top of the gutter.

d) We recommend that when fitting to a roof with valleys, outlets should be placed as close to internal corners as possible.

e) An expansion joint should be fitted on any section between corners over 5 metres and any straight section over 10 metres long with restricted expansion (not necessary for open ended straight sections).

f) Cut the Magiflow gutter to length using a handsaw ensuring a straight square cut is made. Remove any rough edges with a file or sandpaper before fitting into the joint.

g) Brackets should be fitted at 750mm centres and approx. 5 mm from the joint on a corner.

h) We recommend fitting one outlet for every 80m² of roof covering.

i) Use screws long enough to penetrate the structurally sound backing board or fascia by at least 25mm, (PVC fascia is not a sound fixing.)

j) If fitting the brackets direct to the rafter ends we recommend using screws that penetrate the rafter ends by at least 50mm.

Fitting to new Building:
1) Fix the upper part of a bracket at either end of the section where the gutter is to be fitted (or max. 10 metres between them) allowing a gap of 3 or 4mm from bracket to roof covering.
2) Pull a taught builders line between the bottom of these 2 brackets and fit the rest of the brackets to the line @ 750mm centres making sure they are not where a joint is going to be.
3) Always work from left to right, use sandpaper to give a key for the bonding agent to the jointing section and on the end of each piece. Half fill the jointing slot on the appropriate connection with Magiflo bonding agent, fit it to one end of the section of the gutter, fit a joint to the other end ready to receive the next section, slide the gutter over the brackets fitted to the fascia ensuring the top section clips over the bracket, under the underfelt and roof covering. Repeat this process for each section, as each section is moved into place, half fill the other half of the jointing slot with Magiflo bonding agent and push the sections together firmly.
4) When all sections have been hung over the top section of bracket, hook the bottom section of the bracket into the slot at the front of the gutter and slide up underneath the gutter until the T piece of it locates into the slot at the bottom of the upper bracket and fit the remaining screw in the bottom hole.

Retrofitting to an existing roof:
1) Remove existing guttering, check overhang and build up fascia or use spacers to ensure the overhang of the bottom edge of roof covering is between 30 and 60mm (ideally 45mm) horizontal from the edge of the fascia.

2) If your fascia isn’t deep enough to take the whole depth of the bracket, the spacer piece can be used to connect the lower bracket section to the upper bracket section with a self-tapping screw.

3) Carry out the fitting instructions as for New Building (see above).
For connecting to existing gutters:
As the bottom of the Magiflo gutter is much lower than most traditional gutters, our gutter cannot be fitted to a roof where the water flows to a neighbouring roof, a new outlet and downpipe needs to be fitted at that end if suitable. To connect when the flow is into your roof from the neighbouring roof, 80mm of the top section of the magiflo gutter should be removed with a saw and a spigot outlet fitted to the end of the neighbouring gutter to fit into the magiflo gutter. Ensure that the 80m² rule is still adhered to.

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