Sample Images

View of Black Magiflo retrofitted to Georgian natural slate roof.


View of White Magiflo retrofitted to octgonal slate roofs.

Black Magiflo showing internal corner under natural slate roof and lead valley.


White Magiflo on white fascia with outlet under flat trocal roof.

View along black Magiflo fitted under new slate roof showing end cap.

View of Black Magiflo gutter fitted to different level slate roofs.


Magiflo image - sample 1

View of White Magiflo gutter retrofitted to tiled roof.

Magiflo image - sample 1

White Magiflo fitted to natural slate roof with plastic trim under instead of fascia.

Magiflo image - sample 1

View of Magiflo gutter and showing outlet fitted to profile sheeting roof.


View of Magiflo gutter on slate roof of Stone house.

View of white Magiflo fitted under slate roof.

View of black Magiflo on old house with lots of vegitation on walls.


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